Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blue Willow - Johnson Brothers

This Johnson Brothers "Willow" dinner plate (with matching side plate, & cereal bowl) came from the Salvo's store in Abbotsford. I love using the cereal bowl for breakfast but learned a couple of valuable Op Shopping lessons that day..... When you find an almost complete set of (old) Johnson Bros Willow ware in an Op Shop don't spend time procrastinating about how many of each piece to buy.

BACK YOURSELF and BUY ALL OF IT ....... especially when its cheap!!  

I got to the counter with my carefully chosen pieces and learned my lesson...  As I went to get the remaining pieces they were rather quickly being snapped up by another keen Op Shopper... Lesson No. 2 If you can't carry it all to the counter DON'T ADVERTISE your find by sorting through the pile in a busy Salvo's Store - Simply pick up as much as you can carry, put it on the counter and quietly go back for the rest......

Lesson No 3  - IT'S ALL PART OF THE FUN 

© Karen Hinde Photography

Johnson Brothers was founded by Fedrick and Alfred Johnson in 1883. They were later joined by brothers Robert and Henry and built an extremely successful Earthernware company in Hanley, England. In 1968 Johnson Brothers became part of the Wedgwood Group. 

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