Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Old Postcards - Levin New Zealand

Levin, Manawatu, N.Z.
The Gardens, Levin, N.Z.
Horowhenua College, Levin, N.Z

I came across these old post-cards from Levin (a town in New Zealand) in Italy last year when I was given a pile of my Aunts old photo's, postcards, and mementos to sort through... my Aunt grew up in Levin, NZ before moving to London and later Italy where she lived for most of her life...

I'm not sure how old these postcards are but looking at the cars in street they would have to be from the 50's or 60's...On the back of one of the 3 postcards there is a sentence which reads  

"Sorry these are late. Am really waiting for others" 

The aren't dated and must have been sent to Italy in an envelope, unless my Aunt bought them to show her partner Gi Gi who only visited NZ a couple of times.

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bapak said...

Hi there

I have discovered your old postcards of Levin, N.Z. and am curious to know if I was acquainted with your Aunt in Levin. On my 80th birthday on 15 June 2019 I am launching the first book in a trilogy of my life story set in New Zealand, Indonesia and Melbourne, Australia. It spans five generations of my family's social history from 19939-2000.I used to play in the Levin Gardens and attended Horowhenua College from 1952-54. Would you be so kind as to give me permission to use the postcard of Oxford Street, Levin in my book? My paternal grandparents lived at the top left of the street. I walked and rode that street almost every day. A.W. Allen was a family friend and I went to school with his grandson, Rowan for a number of years. I now live in Perth and wish you well in all your endeavours. Beverley Ruth Clark.

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