Friday, May 18, 2012

Elephant Parade Milan and Singapore 2011

What do Milan and Singapore have in common? 
Well last year while traveling I came across one thing they had in common: 


In Milan last year I came across elephant sculptures everywhere and didn't really give them too much thought - apart from "Whoa they are pretty cool". Then I stumbled across another herd of elephants in Singapore on my way home, and started giving them quite a lot more thought - so I did a little research and found out they were part of a world wide open air art exhibition called 
 Elephant Parade..... 

The Elephant above called Little Miss DMT by Carrie Reichardt and Nick Reynolds was in Milan and the B&W Elephant below ( in Singapore) is called Revenge of the Animals by Mojoko.. 
The Elephants were all pretty cool but I particularly liked these ones which I took photos of using the Tilt Shift Generator app on my iphone...

"Elephant Parade aims to be the world's largest Financial support organization for the Asian Elephant, threatened with extinction. Their open air art exhibitions are creating worldwide attention, public awareness and support for the cause of elephant conservation".

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