Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Green Machine

"How is The Green Machine going Mrs Ten Green Balloons"

Having just doubled in size the Waverley Antiques and Collectables Bazaar means its time to get serious and take things to another level… Abigail Ahern is someone who absolutely knows what she is on about, and in regards to growing my business, I'm finding the Biz Column on her blog an extremely useful resource especially when the doubts start creeping in and I question myself.. WHY AM I DONG THiS!!!

Sure running and growing a business is hard work and sometimes scary, but it can also be extremely satisfying and rewarding, and as it turns out buying a thermos, taking good advice, and not procrastinating was the easy part…..surviving, backing myself, and increasing the risk, in an extremely competitive environment, is when the hard work began… and the rewards increased!!

Sometimes you have to ride through the lows….Today for example, the car was pre packed for one of the biggest outdoor flea markets in Melbourne and it's a wash out….  I've had to pull the pin, write off the stall cost, and figure out what to do with the excess stock sitting in the car…. Again WHY AM I DONG THiS!!! because something bigger and better may just be around the next corner!!

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