Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bloggers Block - Time to get Motivated

It seems hard to believe I started blogging five years ago and although I've recently lost a little focus and direction, I absolutely love blogging, so it's time to regroup, get motivated and keep going!! Stopping would be easy, but looking back, once I embraced the JUST START concept and let the blog evolve rather than worrying about how it initially looked and what I would actually blog about JUST STARTING was pretty easy… 

Despite my current lack of motivation and a few health issues, (which have had me questioning my decision to work freelance and run a small business) the retail side of Ten Green Balloons is growing, and I have a few exciting projects coming up in the new Financial Year…
which is only a few weeks away!!! 

So enough of this Bloggers Block - its time to get motivated

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