Tuesday, June 17, 2014

TGB - Images from the Bazaar - H5 Vintage Influence

H5 - Vintage Influence
H5 - Vintage Influence

Since taking a space at the Waverley Antiques and Collectables Bazaar not only have I loved merchandising my little green space in the Cool Room,  I've loved walking around taking photo's

There are so many interesting and quirky things to photograph… 

Given my love of photography, and that the most popular post on Ten Green Balloons happens to be IMAGES FROM THE BAZAAR 
It's going to be a regular feature - weekly in fact….

 I couldn't go past H5 - VINTAGE INFLUENCE (also in the Cool Room) the other day
which is filled with georgeous - ness

Loving all the tins and numbers
with great fonts and perfect patina's

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