Saturday, June 14, 2014

Take Good Advice

It was all very well (and easy) selling a thermos to someone who knocked on the door after a garage sale, but when I got home I had to figure out a more permanent way of selling my treasures. Initially the idea was to keep everything for a prop hire company, but a one bedroom apartment comes with certain limitations, and stock piling product was never going to work....
Luckily a friend, who had previously given me some amazing advice said
"Just start - don't worry about it being perfect you can change and tweak it as you go - you are great at finding amazing stuff" and told me about the Waverley Antiques and Collectibles Bazaar, where I've now been for over two years... Looking back it seems a hard to believe (for the first time ever) I didn't procrastinate and jumped at the chance to take H6 in the newly opened coolroom...
I came across these photo's recently, and although a little blurry, are a great reminder that I started with a bookshelf, a couple of white crates, and supportive friends.... 
Ten Green Balloons(H6)can still be found in the Cool-room

The Waverley Antiques and Collectables Bazaar
open 7 days a week 10am - 5pm
11a Aristoc Road
Glen Waverley

Ph 03 9560 4284

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