Thursday, March 19, 2015

Freelance & Retail at TGB

It's a good thing I'm passionate about growing Ten Green Balloons, love running a small business, and enjoy the world of Freelance, because there is no doubt about it  - it's tough!! When I left my secure 9 - 5, well paid, desk job about 6 years ago ( a life time ago!!) to study photography, I had no idea, I would be working as a Stylist / Stylist Assistant, working casually in an Art Gallery, and running a retail / prop hire business…

Although tough, it can be ultra rewarding, and it has opened up a whole new world filled with flexibility, creative like minded people (and not - if I'm completely honest!), amazing opportunities, new skills, and invaluable lessons….  A lifestyle I'm not giving up or back any time soon!!

Although on the surface it looks like I am juggling three separate careers, (and it feels like a juggling act sometimes) they all tie in together quite nicely, with some cross over. For example Styling on commercial photo shoots helps with merchandising and trend forecasting, and in reverse provides prop hire opportunities… Working in an Art Gallery is constantly inspiring, but from a business point of view provides invaluable Business, Customer Service and Retail experience, and has provided me with styling and prop hire opportunities….

If you are considering working Freelance or Starting your own Business you need to be PASSIONATE,  100% COMMITTED and work REALLY REALLY HARD

and thats just for starters

Lovin Banksy

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