Saturday, March 21, 2015

Ten Green Balloons - Best of the Bazaar

Setting up a small retail space in the Cool-Room at the Waverley Antiques and Collectables Bazaar was a really good move for Ten Green Balloons and its proving to be quite successful… Since opening a small 3x3 metre space I've doubled in size, and really love spending time at H6/TGB. In a way my space has become an extension of home - helped of course by the fact my kitchen table and chairs are in the middle of the space - not really for sale…….

As well as sitting and working occasionally at my kitchen table, merchandising my space, and talking to customers, I absolutely love walking around the Bazaar taking photos of whatever catches my eye, coming home and creating collages like the one above made up of the most popular images from the Ten Green Balloons Facebook Page….

Open Monday - Sunday 10am - 4.45pm 
11a Aristoc Road
Glen Waverley

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